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Veterinary Chiropractic

Katherine Apel B.V.Sc., IVAS Cert, Dip. Animal Chiro.

Veterinary Chiropractic encompasses the concept of the spine being influential on all aspects of the body. The spine houses the spinal cord which receives neurologic information from the brain which in turn sends this information via nerves out to muscles, ligaments, bones and the body's organs. Any slight abnormal movement in the spinal column (called a subluxation) can interfer with the nerve impulses to these organs. The principle of treatment is to correct these subluxations to enable the body to receive the correct nerve messages. The result is that this brings the body back to a state of balance and restores its inherent healing capacity.

Pomona Veterinary Chiropractor

At the Pomona Veterinary Surgery, the Veterinary Chiropractor is a qualified Vet with a post-graduate diploma in Animal Chiropractic. When an animal comes in for a Chiropractic treatment, a full history and physical examination is taken. Only a Veterinary Chiropractor has the knowledge base and skills to be able to do these examinations thoroughly. They can assess whether Chiropractic is the appropriate treatment or conventional medicine may be more appropriate.

All joints are put through their normal range of motion to assess for any restricted movement. If indicated, small, precise adjustments are made to joints for any restricted movement. Hearing a crack is not necessary to prove an adjustment has been made. An adjustment can only be measured by an improvement in the joint's range of movement. Soft tissue massage and stretching are used to enhance to treatment, particularly in dealing with chronic, localised muscle spasm. Acupuncture can also be used as an adjunct at this stage as it is excellent for immediately relieving these muscle trigger points. Comprehensive instruction is given to the owner on performing massage and stretches on their pet. This is to be used as follow up therapy at home.

Followup Chiropractic Care

The number of treatments depends on the individual animal and whether the condition is acute or chronic. Regular maintenance sessions may be required in some chronic cases or as preventative care. Animals accept the whole process quite readily as the adjustments are quite small and controlled and the massage and stretching is very relaxing. If the animal is particularly sore, every effort is made to minimise its discomfort. The whole approach is to make the experience as least stressful as possible.

Conditions Benefiting from Chiropractic Treatments

Lameness, restricted movement, lack of performance or behavioural issues are but a few conditions that respond well to Chiropractic treatments.

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