Pomona Veterinary Surgery

Pomona Veterinary Surgery

We are accepting expressions of interest in leasing our premises.

Currently closed, Pomona Veterinary Surgery has operated since 1982. Whilst ideal for a veterinary practice, the business facilities may also suit other rural professional practices.

Located conveniently 1 kilometre from Pomona in a spacious, beautiful, natural environment on the main road to Boreen Point, Cooran and Kin Kin, the 75 square metre building is tidy, with plumbing in most rooms and separate air-conditioning. There are several treatment rooms, pharmacy and reception area. The lease also includes off road parking space, use of a paddock, darkroom facilities and surgical equipment.

Also available for transfer to a suitable vet practice are the business name, domain name, web site, phone numbers etc. Your reasonable offers will be considered.

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Good Health for Animals

On this site, you can find helpful hints about caring for pets, animal research case studies and the services which have been provided by the Pomona Vet Surgery.

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This business is currently closed and the premises available for lease.
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Pomona Veterinary Surgery
Carol C. Cave, B.V.Sc.
26 Pound Road,
M.S. 626,
Pomona Q 4568.
ABN 14 994 820 640
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